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QTY9-18 fully automatic block making machine
QTY9-18 fully automatic block making machine
QTY9-18 fully automatic block making machine
QTY9-18 fully automatic block making machine
QTY9-18 fully automatic block making machine
QTY9-18 fully automatic block making machine

QTY9-18 fully automatic block making machine


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QTY9-18 fully automatic block making machine

ZCJK QTY9-18 fully automatic block making machine 



The machine is welded by special thick-walled rectangle .the transmission shaft and gears are made of alloy steel which entitles them much stronger and more durable .the skip working platform is made of manganese steel ,which extends its service life Other parts of the machine are all in accordance with national standard , besides , we also import spare parts from famous international company,such as Siemens from German.

2.Design characteristics

a.Vibration superiority :Table and Mould Vibration work together to achieve products of high density

b.The upper mould and mould case are driven by gears and racks , Chain  which ensures the upper mould and mould case move accurately

c.There are rubber vibration absorbing shims on both the upper mould and vibration platform , which can reduce energy consumption

d.Material-feeding box works in the free-vibration oriented mode .in this way ,it reduces the load of mould case and realizes the best feeding of materials. is easy to modify the vibration force and obtain the best vibration frequency. the process of sending pallets,the rocker converts its circular motion into linear motion of connecting rod,so pallets will uniformly accelerate and move smoothly.


It is designed to produce standard bricks, perforated bricks,hollow bricks,curbstones by making wide use of raw materials,such as sand ,stone chips,slag,coal gangue,coal ash,fly coal ash,construction waste ,cement which are mixed in a certain production

4.Automatic control devices

The machine employ the famous international PLC control of Siemens ,besides,other electronic elements are also imported from world -famous manufactures .It can work automatically,semi-automatically and manually according to your preference

5.Environmental Protection: it conforms to the environmental protection standard with no waste water,slag and waste gas in the production process





Detailed pictures


Block made by the machine

Where the block/brick will be used
About ZCJK
ZCJK is a brand, and a trademark.
1.ZCJK with Two factories in China, one is in Beijing, another is in Wuhan, it makes leading time shorter, for clients to receive the block machine sooner
2.ZCJK, has been already in the this business for more than 18 years. The block machines from ZCJK exported to over 103 countries, especially in Asia, Africa and South America.
3.ZCJK, with after-sales services team in Mozambique, India and South America, the clients can get the after-sales service in the soonest time.
4.ZCJK, has cooperated with many Foreign  Embassies in China, such as: the embassy of Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Namibia, Ghana and Malawi

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