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Hubei Qixing Vehicle Body Co.,Ltd.

  • Main Products:

    Other Automotive Body Parts,Other Large Machinery & Equipment,Other Trailers,Electric Freight Car,Mini Truck,Fuel tankers,Solar Cell and Module

  • Location:

    Shilipu Village, Economic Development Zone, Suizhou City, Hubei Province, China.

  • Official Website

"Hubei Qixing Auto Body Co., Ltd." is a subsidiary of "Hubei Qixing Group". "Hubei Qixing Group" is a large state-owned joint-stock enterprise group, founded in 1980, specialized in manufacturing and selling "track cabin and chassis of commercial vehicle", "RV", "LPG storage tank", "LPG filling station equipment", "LPG tank semi-trailer", "cryogenic storage tank for LNG or LOX", "electric truck", "smart vertical rotary car parking equipment", "steel structure production", "mold and precision CNC processing equipment", "precision casting", "solar panel" etc, which is a national key high-tech enterprise group. "Hubei Qixing Group" has 18 subsidiaries, more than 2,700 employees, and covers an area of 1800 acres. The assets are 5.4 billion RMB.

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Hubei Qixing Vehicle Body Co.,Ltd.